The Life of Ben

Life is something.  It takes us down many paths.  Depending on how we developed in our childhood and adolescent years, has a greater impact on our adulthood than some may realize.  Childhood determines adulthood, as Daniel Patrick Moynihan stated in his “The Negro Family : The Case for National Action”.  Some of those young adults that learn early that they are underdeveloped, are faced with the decision that may cause them to have to spend a significant amount of time during their adult years correcting what was not developed properly during the childhood and adolescent phases.  This seems to be the case for many adults.

I, Benjamin Samuel Brasford, am one such young adult.  I began life in a loving family that was Christian in our religious practice.  There were some bumps and bruises along the way.  I faced the greatest challenge of my life just as I was entering adulthood, that I, unfortunately, was not prepared for.  I walked right into a brand new way of life and was immediately uprooted from my previous life.  I walked into the hospital.  A church.  That church led me to places that I never knew existed.  That church got me involved into a major life situation that took me many years to figure out and make sense of.  I eventually faced an abrupt upheaval of the life that that church introduced me into.  As a result of being introduced into a new life.  A life of exploration through study, and after many years of experience, I transitioned out of the ideology that was taught to me from what I learned growing up and over the years.  I learned that approaching life with the wrong philosophy, can and will keep you from reality, which will in turn limit your possibilities.  When you work against reality, it will work against you.

I have decided to share this life story with you.  It is a story told in a series.  A series that begins with my life which moves on to the way that I see things.  Things through the eyes of an experiencer and observer.  I began from a Christian perspective.  After I had enough experience as a Christian solely, I began to seek the understanding of life in general.  I wanted to understand how life worked.  The mechanisms or mechanics.  I found that the more that we understand about how things in life works, the better that we can live.  So I expanded my studies to sociology, psychology, finance, economics, business, history, intersexual dynamics, anthropology, archaeology, genetics, and cultural diversity.  This series, “The Work,” will deal with these topics.  I will bring you the experts as well as my own individual analysis.  If you have found that you too, have been underdeveloped and are going through life now wondering why you are struggling emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually, then perhaps this series is for you.


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