Research and Book Update

“This has been a truly rewarding journey yet draining and evening heartfelt at times. It is difficult to learn how real life really works overall especially when you begin to realize that your life is not as important as you think.”

Helicopter View

Over time as we learn and grow new things are presented to us that many of us shun immediately due … More

Musings 2: Pain

Over the years, living life and learning to appreciate struggles, successes, gain and loss was something that I had begun … More

Musings Part 1

I once erroneously believed that two opposing forces could not exist within the same space.  I have since jettisoned that … More

Upcoming Volume III

It’s been a while since I last blogged.  I apologize for the tardiness.  Researching, writing, and living everyday life is … More

The Things We Do For Love

Love is beautiful.  Love brings joy and even pain at the same time.  It requires opening up.  Being vulnerable.  It … More


In my early adulthood, I was very naive and I believed almost anything that people told me. I had come … More

Survey Time

  Currently, we are conducting our research into the specifics of the modern dating market while utilizing various sources.  Previously … More

A Costly Journey

             While conducting research for “The Work Volume III – The Balancing Act Between Men ≠ Women: … More

The Journey Part II

  Living life is difficult enough. Writing about that life is an entirely different issue. Over the years, I had … More

The Journey Part I

  Later than many would like too, I began attending college during a career shift, in my early thirties.  I … More

Child Molestation

    As a child, we are at our most vulnerable, having to lean upon our parents for everything.  We … More