Research and Book Update

Typewriter [Courtesy of JillWellington]

While we are working on completing the next book we are wrapping up the last vestiges of research in the interim. We desired to make sure that we make this worth your while as we did in the first three books.

This has been a truly rewarding journey yet draining and even heartfelt at times. It is difficult to learn how real life really works overall especially when you begin to realize that your life is not as important as you think. I’ve found that I had singled myself out quite a bit in the past as if I was ‘special.’ Well this is simply not true. We are all special in our own way. But being special involves being beneficial in the forward development of others.

Administration [Courtesy of GDJ]

In this fourth offering we will be exploring the lives of different people that will later converge, for good at times and for bad at others. How does the real world work? Well it works based upon familial and associative history. It works based upon opportunities, circumstances, choices, and outcomes. Regardless of race, color, background, education, etc. life is not the same for all in that we do not have the same access to advances nor failures.

Marriage [Courtesy of 809066]
Paper [Courtesy of Mohamed_Hassan]

So, this offering will involve family, associations, crime, business, etc. It will show life as it happens, at least for those that are discussed in the work. Families, individuals, associations, companies, etc. will be shown in real time in a race for survival, some seeking to go to the top, in this helicopter and on the ground view of life as it happens. As discussed previously, portions of the first and third books will be included as far as people to show character development. An extensive bibliography with all sources used will be displayed to include movies, series, documentaries, etc. that were perused during this work’s development. We hope that you will enjoy this work after it’s completion.

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