Always Forward, Never Reverse


At this time, there is an estimated 7.47 billion people on this planet.[1] That would account for, ideally, 7.47 billion different ideas, personalities, experiences, and a mixture of similar and different 7.47 billion backgrounds.

We at times come together, for a short while, and at other times a longer while. We are born alone, and we die alone. We still, to date, from my estimation have no real idea of how we got here, and we, in my estimation, have no real idea of what happens after we die. We believe, know, understand and do different things.

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In varying degrees, we are different, and the same in many areas. There are no two people who agree across the board on everything. Many of us want others to be like us, who are a part of our lives. There are those of us who welcome the differences and try to work with them.

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There are different types of governments, economic systems, educational systems, etc. How do we live in relative ‘harmony’ on a planet with so many differing views and backgrounds? How do we allow differences and at the same time celebrate the similarities without imposition? I don’t have the answers to all of these questions. I’m not so certain that harmony can be obtained all the time. Division and harmony both exist on this planet. Good and evil. Right and wrong. Is all good from good intentions? Is all evil from evil intentions? Some don’t like the terms. To effectively communicate, the ancestors developed writing after languages, in my opinion, to support languages. Along with differing views from individual uniqueness, harmony must be maintained at least some of the time. I have found that the more you study the past, the more you understand the present. The truth is, we haven’t changed as human beings as much as many of us would like to think, over the last several thousand years. Thanks to the physical sciences and the knowledge passed down in books, human behavioral patterns, and the spirit realm, we are able to look back and understand many things.


The important thing is that we keep learning and keep growing. Since we are unaware of the origin as in timing of the beginning of this planet, I have taken the position that we are unsure of it’s ending if it in fact has one. So we move forward.

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