The Things We Do For Love


Love is beautiful.  Love brings joy and even pain at the same time.  It requires opening up.  Being vulnerable.  It involves risks.  Risks that you may get hurt, go broke, and are placed into out of the norm situations.  It can cause you do things that you normally would have never done.  It can inspire you and even arouse jealousy over the one that you have love for.


I have learned over the years that with everything comes a positive and a negative.  I have seen where some decided to quest to rid the world of negativity.  I do not believe that this is sustainable.  Why?  It’s like duality.  Duality in the sense of in order for one thing to exist, there has to be an opposite.  The ancients understood and wrote about this duality.  So, while love is a beautiful thing, unfortunately it will place one in some very uncomfortable situations in order to experience it.  There is even a certain element of fear involved.  Fear that the love that you and your partner have for one another will one day wain.  At the end of the day, life involves all kinds of risks.  If we avoided all risks, we would never move forward, improve, or even feel alive.  We would cease to exist.


Some people take risks here, but not there.  We all have our limits.  We generally do what is comfortable to us.  Even if that comfortability is dysfunctional.  Everything in life has a price.  There is not always a price tag involving money.  A concept from the social science of economics that comes to mind is opportunity costs.  In order to have A, you have to forego B.  We can either obtain much of what we want, but we will more than likely never have all that we want.  This implies that we cannot have it all as some believe is possible.  In order to experience love, you must take a risk that you will get hurt.  Risk that you may have to participate in activities that you normally have not.  Risk that you may even have to travel to find this love.  In our modern global society, many people are driving long distances, and even taking airline flights to find the love that they desire.  This may be still unheard of to some, but know that there are many people doing this.


Traveling to Orlando, FL to go to Disney world is normal.  Traveling to see monuments in the U.S. and other countries is normal.  So, if your love is in another city, another county, another state, or even in another country, why not travel to see them? You talk to them via social media, text messages, phone calls, Skype, video chat, etc.  You then set up a meet.  You decide to see each other based on schedule and budget.  Over time you then come to the table and negotiate how you will be together on a more personal and long-term basis.  The idea of a man and a woman deciding for themselves without any outside influence is a great thing.  I have not long ago encountered such an experience.  I decided to get on a plane to go and meet the woman that I desire to be with long-term.  And oh, how mutual our union was and still is.  The chemistry that I experienced and experience with her is like no other that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.


We were together all day, every day, and in every way.  We watched movies, shows, ate, went out to eat, and pleasured one another for several hours each night and well into the morning.  We were and still are inseparable.  This love I have never had the pleasure of experiencing.  Yes, it costed me money and time away.  But this love was well worth it and I would not change anything that we both experienced.  The love is so powerful that she got me to consider and even talk about considering marriage again.  Something that was as far as Pluto is from the sun in my thinking.


After I had two really bad experiences with women that were very close to me, my views on the female gender had changed significantly.  I had no idea that women could be so cruel.  I had already had the unpleasurable bad experiences from the male gender.  I was appalled that women could be just as cruel, if not worse.  Hatred, disrespect, manipulation, cajoling and shaming is what I encountered from the two women.  I had decided to stay as far away from them as possible.  Unfortunately, I ended up hurting other women in the process while looking at them as though they were like the two women.  I am sincerely sorry for what I did to the others.  My apologies will never remove what I did.  If they never want to talk to me or even acknowledge that I am a human being ever again, I understand.  I take responsibility for what I did.  I will never do that again moving forward.


After going long periods of time with no female contact on purpose due to the fact that I was hurting other women, I decided to open back up.  I decided that life without love is not worth living.  I wanted to genuinely love someone and care for them and I wanted that same thing in return.  I tried the sleeping around thing.  I did not like it because I desire genuine connections with women.  I desired relationships.  But fulfilling relationships that didn’t involve just being in the bed.  Don’t get me wrong.  I want the bed too.  I just wanted more than just the bed, the table, the kitchen and bathroom counters, the back seat of a car, the beach, the movie theater, etc.  I have tried some crazy things in my day.  But when I genuinely care about a woman, there is no limit to my sexuality with her.  She can have it any way she wants it, and wherever she wants it.  But I desire to give more than just that.  I genuinely desire to give and receive affection, kindness, compassion, love, attention, emotional support, and even do financial favors for a genuine love interest.  I desire to be with her as long as I can be and be content with her for the duration.


Despite what I went through with the two women, I still genuinely love women.  Hurt people hurt people.  So, I took a break to get myself together.  I think that the female’s face and body are the most beautiful of God’s creations.  The safety and security that I felt with my own love interest is so amazing that it’s like all of the hurt and pain doesn’t matter.  I even shed some tears when I had to leave her to go back home.  It was as if my heart was hurting but in a good way.  A genuine not wanting to part ways even for a little while.  I look forward to being with her, smelling her, touching her, kissing her, tasting her, and well…. again.  She has expressed the same.


Love is a risk worth taking.  I do believe, though, that not everything is for everyone.  While we can use praxeology and other tools to generalize people for good and sometimes for bad purposes, the world is still full of grey.  There really is no one way.  There is a bell curve if you will.  Few people are inherently good, few are inherently bad, and everyone else is in between.  At least this is my estimation currently.  So, some of us will be rich, some of us will have love, some of us will experience other things that most of us will never encounter.  I did not make the rules.  I just found out and am still finding out about the rules that are available to us.  If love is for you, go after it.  Remember too that in all things, balance is needed.  Find your love interest and love them like you and they want you too.


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