Economics Old and New (Outline)

While delving into the topics of finance, economics, and business, it occurred to me, while also discussing these things with a long held good fellow researcher of mine, that it might be a good idea to go back in time to look at how these fields were administered.  I began to acquire quite a bit of material that may provide an avenue for the materialization of another work in this series.  I became aware of just how important finance was and is.  It is how we live.  It has everything to do with how we are able to acquire wealth.  Our system is based upon transactions that involve money and financial assets and instruments.  Without such, we are more than just a have not.  We are not.


We have attached an outline of an upcoming eBook that we will be releasing soon that delves into economics the old way(s), and the new way(s).  These are not easy subjects.  But they are far too important to ignore.  It is our contention, that they all three, should be studied in tandem.  Perhaps along with other subjects as well, such as economic anthropology for ancient history, as well as sociology and psychology for modern history.


Outline for Economics Old and New


We will come back at a later date to inform you, the follower, on when our eBook will be available.  Thank you for following us!

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