The Work Volume III – The Balancing Act between Men ≠ Women: A Discussion on Relationships and Sex



                In an effort to piggyback off from the “B’s Epiphany on Dating and Mating” blog post, as well as Benjamin and Sakaya’s story from chapter 7 of “The Life of Benjamin Samuel Brasford,” we decided to do a detour from the exploration of human history related writing, to expand the discussion on human relationships with a specific focus on male and female intersexual dynamics.  We will take a more exhaustive approach on this subject from the standpoint of the social sciences.  Historically we will incorporate evolution, human psychology, sexuality, cognitive processes, marriage, dating, and perhaps an analysis to see where things may go moving forward in history.


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                Terms and concepts from the Manosphere will be utilized as well in this next work.  This work will include scholarly referenced material as well as life experience from ourselves and from the observation of the lives of others.  We have learned quite a bit about the topic of human mating and human nature in general in relation to what drives the human race as a whole to keep moving despite the societal, cultural, economic, political and environmental changes. 


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                Interviews with men and women will be conducted as well and incorporated into the work or will be presented later within the “Journal of the Work Series – Volume III,” which will support the details of Volume III.  We believe that utilizing different angles on these topics to bring home the main focus of the work will provide the audience with more than enough to continue the human mating and nature exploration.  The three main areas of the work’s focus will be: Some of how we got here, Where we are, and Where we might be headed.


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              This work will be a rough sketch of some of the main reasons of how we got here, where we are, and where we might be going in regard to the dating scene.  We found that while discussing the non-marriage market, it cannot be a complete discussion without discussing the marriage market as well.  At the end of the day, whether you are dating, married, or decide to remain celibate, understanding your own and the opposite gender, can be beneficial in life overall.  Nature is neither good nor evil.  It just is.   




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